The BodyWorks program for the Office on Women's Health (OWH), HHS, was designed to promote habits for maintaining a healthy weight and reduce obesity (and its associated chronic diseases) among teen girls through healthy eating and increased physical activity. Specifically, BodyWorks provides parents and caregivers with tools and strategies to improve family eating and activity habits; promote parent self-efficacy; support adolescent girls in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight; and prevent obesity among girls 9 to 17 years of age.

Our team conducting formative research, including a literature review; facilitation and consultation with Steering Committee members (researchers, providers, professional association leaders and government officials); and focus groups with girls, middle-school nurses, and parents. This formative research guided the development of messages, the design and content of the toolkit and the training curricula.

The kit is distributed nationally, using a train-the trainer delivery, with the 10 OWH regional offices serving as key bases. The toolkit consists of a guide for parents, recipe book, food and activity journal, girls' magazine, refrigerator magnet meal planner, DVD, shopping list, and pedometer.

Rife Communications also developed a detailed training manual to be used with parents in a 10-session behavior change and was responsible for the initial 30 training of trainers around the country as part of the distribution strategy.